At The Gold Mine we always sell our jewelry at below retail prices. We have the latest designs and fashions.

We offer a one year layaway plan with no fees or interest. Put just 10% down on any item and we will hold that item aside for you for up to one year. Some restrictions apply.

We belong to the Diamond dealers network. What this does is give us the ability to offer you GIA Certified Diamonds at Rock Bottom Prices! See below for information on GIA.

The largest and most recognized is Gem laboratory in the country is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA for Short). They are well known for there accuracy and unbiased opinions. The Gold Mine has access to thousands of certified diamonds. We sell GIA certified diamonds at the lowest prices around. If you would like a list of stones available, you can email us at Make sure to include diamond size, diamond shape and approximate budget.

Why you should insist on a GIA Certification for high priced diamonds.

First off not all stones need to be certified. On average it may cost two to three hundred dollars to certify a diamond. So you need to weight the cost of certification against the price of the diamond. It may not be economically worth the extra money. But it may well pay off on a larger or higher quality diamond. Here’s why, if a jeweler tries to sell you a one carat diamond and describes it as Vs2-F but it really a
SI1-G (one color & clarity worse) it could be a one thousand to two thousand dollar difference, when compared to a real Vs2-F. Or better yet he may sell the stone to you as a Vs2-F and charge you the SI1-G pricing, making his stone look like a great deal!

This is where a GIA Laboratory Services will come into play. They provide a written laboratory report describing color, cut and clarity, including a drawing of the diamond with reference to the inclusions or blemishes. This is not an appraisal, a GIA report is far more detailed than any appraisal done by the average jewelry store. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have an appraisal! The appraisal should accompany the GIA Report to give you the value of the diamond.

Having this certification will also help you if the diamond is insured. If there is ever a loss (that is covered by your insurance), you have a more detailed report on the diamond, so that your insurance company will have an easier time replacing the diamond with the same quality that was lost!

Don’t be fooled by some of the other Diamond Laboratory Reports out there. They are mainly a selling tool for the jewelry store. They assess high prices to the diamonds on the report to make it look like you are getting a great deal when they sell it to you for 1/3 of the price. diamond grading with them. GIA assesses no pricing on their reports. Just a clear description of the Four C’s. We have also seen first hand the inconsistency of quality of reports.