Layaway available with only

10% down payment

We Pay Cash for Gold and Diamonds

Need a short-term loan with no questions asked?

DON’T be fooled by all the online stores that you have to mail your items to! Or Mall kiosks with teenagers running them! We have on the spot appraisers with over 30 years experience, ready to pay the highest prices possible for your Gold, Platinum and Silver.

Are you in need of some quick cash but don’t want to sell your Jewelry. Come down to The Gold Mine with your jewelry, and within 10 minutes we can appraise your jewelry, then write a confidential 4 month loan. You’ll walk out of the store with the cash you need!

We have collateral loans programs starting as low as $20.00 and go as high as $10,000.00.

We offer replacement watch batteries while you wait.

Layaway available with only 10% Down payment!

We are experts in handling any custom design requested

First they are good at what they do, selling gold and silver everything and some nice diamond things too, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, all in many price ranges…All in all I would recommend strongly that one visits…